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For aLIVE new student, please add $10 for both AQL & ASL books + $10 for uniform. Thank you.



This program builds on students' existing knowledge of Islam from the previous program. Students are guided on understanding and carrying out responsibilities as a Muslim, so that they will be prepared to face the challenges of pre-teen life

  • Distinguish right from wrong
  • Possess good akhlak
  • Understand, appreciate and practice the Pillars of Islam (Arkanul Islam)
  • Have a deeper understanding of Aqidah and Pillars of Iman (Arkanul Iman)
  • Read the Al-Qur'an well, memorise and appreciate the general meaning of selected surah

For new aLIVE new student, pls add on $10 aQL& aSL & $10 uniform

Tweens 1 -> 9 years old (Birth Year: 2012)
Tweens 2 -> 10 years old (Birth Year: 2011)
Tweens 3 -> 11 years old (Birth Year: 2010)
Tweens 4 -> 12 years old (Birth Year: 2009)

Uniform Sizes